Champ Charters is proudly working with the Sasquatch Inn located in Harrison Mills, just minutes away from our launch location and prime fishing area. If you are interested in booking a multi-day trip with us, or just need a place to stay, this is a excellent affordable option as the Sasquatch has exceptional rooms featuring everything you need (lunches can be included).


Packages for multi day trips will be available for the 2019 season!! Please have a look at the trips offered below to see what will best accommodate you.


1 Day of fishing:

$829 - 1 room

$1008 - 2 room

$1187 - 3 room

&1366 - 4 room


3 Days of fishing:

$2277 - 1 room

$2754 - 2 room

$3231 - 3 room

$3708 - 4 room


5 Days of fishing:

$3445 - 1 room

$4140 - 2 room

$4835 - 3 room

$5530 - 4 room


Package rates include:

8 Hours of fishing for the targeted species of choice.

Continental Breakfast.

Daily Lunch from the sasquatch Pub to go.

Maximum of 4 people fishing as prices are tailored to 1 boat.


Keep in mind Sand piper golf coarse is located just minutes away and can offer an amazing day of golf as well to mix into your trip. Harrison Mills is truely a beautiful area.


If you are interested or have any questions we are more then happy to fill you in on any information nessessary. Just give us a call at 604-845-2489.

CALL TO BOOK 604-845-2489

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